The benefits of cooking with cannabis and types of dishes

Cooking with cannabis has been a practice that dates back to ancient times. The common method of cannabis consumption has been smoking, which has given some people reservations about incorporating cannabis into culinary creations due to its association with getting high. However, in this article, we will explore the advantages of using cannabis in cooking and the different types of dishes that utilize cannabis.

The Benefits of Cooking with Cannabis

There are several benefits to using cannabis in cooking.

Safer Alternative to Smoking

One significant advantage is that using cannabis in cooking is considered to be safer for the body compared to smoking. Traditional cannabis consumption involved inhaling smoke, but recently, more people have shown resistance to the idea of inhaling smoke into their bodies. As a result, alternative methods of cannabis consumption, such as incorporating it into food or oils, have become more favored.

Nutritional Value

Cannabis, particularly the green parts, is highly nutritious and is even referred to as a superfood by some. It contains essential nutrients like anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties, dietary fibers, and vitamins. The anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects are not only beneficial for general health but are also gaining attention in the skincare and cosmetic industries.

Customizable Flavors

Another advantage is the ability to consume cannabis in ways that suit individual tastes. Cannabis can be incorporated into a wide variety of dishes, allowing people to enjoy its effects in their favorite flavors. Numerous recipes are available online, ranging from beverages to desserts, offering a diverse selection of cannabis-infused dishes.

Types of Dishes Using Cannabis

Here are some examples of dishes that incorporate cannabis.

Canna butter

Canna-butter is a popular recipe in cannabis-infused foods. It involves melting THC or CBD from cannabis into butter and using that butter for cooking, providing a way to consume cannabis.

Cannabis Tea

Cannabis tea is made using tinctures or cannabis leaves to create a soothing tea. One can infuse it with flavors such as jasmine or lavender tea to personalize the experience of consuming cannabis.


Cannabis can also be used in pasta dishes. Recipes often replace regular butter with canna-butter or incorporate cannabis-infused oils.

Other recipes, like cookies, gummies, and pizza, are also available online. If you’re curious, give cannabis-infused cooking a try!

In Conclusion

This article has highlighted the benefits of cooking with cannabis and provided examples of dishes that incorporate cannabis. With the booming cannabis industry, various methods of cannabis consumption have emerged, and incorporating it into culinary delights has become a popular option. For those who prefer alternatives to smoking, trying cannabis-infused dishes could be an enjoyable and accessible option.

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