Cannabis Street Names and Nicknames and Slang

Cannabis has multiple names, such as Cannabis, Marijuana, Hemp, Weed, Ganja, and more, which you might have heard before. Let’s explore the differences in these terms. This time, I will introduce the differences in the common names for Cannabis.

What is Cannabis?

The word “Cannabis” refers to the Cannabis sativa plant, which is a type of hemp. Generally, the term “Cannabis” is used to encompass all Cannabis products.

Cannabis contains over 100 different chemical compounds. The most well-known compounds are CBD (cannabidiol) and THC (delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol). CBD is a chemical compound found in the Cannabis plant and is used for medical purposes, oils, foods, and more. THC is known as the psychoactive compound that can induce a “high” and affects the mind.

What is Marijuana?

Marijuana is the term used for Cannabis sativa with a higher concentration of THC. THC is the primary psychoactive component that affects the mind. Cannabis plants containing more than 0.3% THC are referred to as marijuana. Some strains of marijuana can contain over 30% THC.

The term “Marijuana” is derived from Spanish and is widely used to refer to Cannabis. However, in some regions, “Marijuana” may be used to describe Cannabis plants in general.

What is Hemp?

Hemp refers to Cannabis varieties with a THC content of 0.3% or lower. Hemp is also known as industrial hemp and is used as a material in various products, including oils and clothing.

Hemp is unique among plants, as it can thrive with minimal water. It has gained attention for its ability to grow rapidly, with a growth cycle of approximately three months from seed to harvest. It is often said to require minimal fertilization.

Other Slang Terms


“Weed” is a slang term used to refer to Cannabis and originated in the 1930s.


“Ganja” is a term derived from Sanskrit and used in Hindi to refer to Cannabis. It is primarily used in India.


“Dope” is a common slang term for cannabis. It has been used for many years to describe marijuana.


The term “reefer” is slang for cannabis. It is believed to have been first used in the 1930s, with records in the Oxford English-Japanese Dictionary indicating it appeared in print in 1931. The exact origin of the slang term “reefer” is uncertain, but there are theories suggesting it may have derived from the Spanish word “grifa,” which means marijuana, or from articles describing crushed dried cannabis rolled into “reefer cigarettes.”


The term “pot” is derived from the Spanish word “potiguaya,” which means marijuana. It was first used in the United States in the 1930s.


“Grass” is a term used to refer to marijuana plants. Its origin is similar to that of “weed,” signifying the green marijuana plant.

Mary Jane

“Mary Jane” may sound like a person’s name, but it is slang for cannabis. The exact origin is unclear, but there is a theory that it originated from pronouncing “marijuana” as “Mary Jane.”

Why Are There So Many Slang Terms for Cannabis?

As you mentioned, there are numerous slang terms and names for cannabis, and they can vary by country and region. The reason for the abundance of names for cannabis lies in its history of prohibition and the need to conceal its use.

During the time when cannabis was illegal, various terms and slang were used to hide its consumption. Even in the present day, as cannabis has become legal in many places, different regions may have their own unique names for it, and new terms may continue to emerge. Currently, terms like cannabis, marijuana, weed, and hemp are widely recognized as referring to cannabis in many countries around the world.


I have introduced the different names for cannabis. Cannabis can be referred to by various names. Depending on the amount of THC, it can be called marijuana or hemp, so let’s remember that.

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