How to find the best cannabis dispensary in Thailand?

Do you know how many cannabis dispensaries there are in Thailand? It is said that there are about 5,500 cannabis dispensaries throughout the country, with over 1,000 of them located in the capital city, Bangkok. These dispensaries can be found in popular areas for tourists, such as Khao San Road, as well as in business districts like Asok, Sukhumvit, and Riverside. In this blog, I will introduce how to find the best cannabis dispensary in Thailand.

How to find a cannabis dispensary

Finding a cannabis dispensary is relatively easy. In Thailand, these dispensaries often have signs or store designs that feature cannabis leaves, making them easily recognizable while walking around the city. However, if you are looking for high-quality cannabis or medical marijuana, simply stumbling upon a dispensary might not be sufficient.

Here are some efficient methods to find the cannabis dispensary that suits your needs


WEED TH is a website that lists various dispensaries and shops related to cannabis. It is a map-based platform where you can see the locations of registered shops throughout Thailand. There are approximately 5,500 shops listed on WEED TH. Each shop has reviews from users, allowing you to gather information before visiting. It is the largest website in the industry, enabling you to search for specific strains or products among thousands of shops.


Weedhub is a service website launched in 2019. It allows you to perform filtered searches based on different criteria such as category, location, price range, and business hours. You can choose from categories like dispensaries, spas, cafes, bars, and clinics, and select locations like Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Phuket. In addition to dispensaries and cannabis cafes, Weedhub also offers online shopping and consulting services.

Google Maps

Using Google Maps is perhaps the most well-known method. You can search for dispensaries by narrowing down the area. For example, by typing “cannabis dispensary” in the search bar, relevant shops will appear on the map. You can also perform detailed searches based on ratings, business hours, and more, helping you find the specific shop you desire. You can save your favorite shops using Google Maps’ bookmarking feature, which makes future searches easier.

Important things to know about cannabis in Thailand

While there are many shops and cafes in Thailand, it’s crucial to be aware of the regulations regarding cannabis. Cannabis has been legalized in Thailand, but extracts containing THC levels above 0.2% (such as edibles, food, and cosmetics) are still classified as narcotics. There are no restrictions on THC levels in the cannabis flower itself.

Smoking cannabis in public places is illegal, and the maximum penalty is a fine of 25,000 baht or three months of imprisonment. If you choose to smoke, do so in designated cannabis smoking areas. The legal age for purchasing cannabis is 20, the same as for alcohol.

In Conclusion

In this article, I have provided efficient methods to find cannabis dispensaries in Thailand. With around 5,500 dispensaries across the country, it might be challenging to find the specific strain or product you desire, especially considering that Bangkok alone has over 1,000 shops. If you already know the strain or product you want, try using the methods I introduced to find the perfect cannabis dispensary for you.

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