Cannabis Guide to Holidays in Thailand

Are you planning to spend your holidays in Thailand? As many of you may know, Thailand has made marijuana use possible through legal reforms. Some may be planning trips to Thailand to enjoy cannabis. In this blog, we will introduce the current status of marijuana in Thailand and activities related to cannabis that you can enjoy in Thailand. For cannabis enthusiasts, Thailand is sure to be a great destination for a holiday.

Legal Status of Marijuana in Thailand

Thailand legalized medical marijuana in 2018 and commercial cultivation and use of marijuana in 2022. The 2022 legal reforms have revitalized Thailand’s agricultural industry and boosted economic growth. With more companies cultivating marijuana and numerous cannabis dispensaries opening up, foreigners can purchase marijuana and consume it in designated areas. However, there are several precautions to consider, such as the prohibition of public use and driving under the influence. Failure to comply with the law can result in hefty fines or imprisonment. Thailand has become the most tolerant country towards marijuana in Asia, making it an ideal travel destination for cannabis enthusiasts.

Cannabis Activities in Thailand

In addition to simply smoking marijuana, there are various activities related to cannabis that you can experience in Thailand. Engaging in cannabis activities allows you to explore a new aspect of cannabis culture.

Here are a few cannabis activities you can experience in Thailand:

Cannabis Tour

Cannabis tours are held at several marijuana farms and cafes, allowing you to witness the behind-the-scenes of marijuana cultivation. You can learn about marijuana cultivation techniques, observe how your favorite strains are grown, and gain insight into Thailand’s marijuana history, making it a crucial activity to understand Thailand’s position regarding cannabis.

Cannabis Massage

How about getting a Cannabis Massage in Thailand? Since cannabis is known for its relaxing effects, combining it with massage offers profound relaxation benefits both physically and mentally. Thai massage is globally renowned, so it’s a must-try during your trip to Thailand.

Cannabis Cooking

Thailand has a history of using marijuana in cooking. Due to regulations, using marijuana in cuisine was restricted, but it has revived since the law changed. Cooking classes where you can experience traditional Thai cooking using marijuana are now available, offering a unique activity not found in other countries.

All About Cannabis Holidays in Thailand

April 20

April 20th is significant for cannabis enthusiasts, often referred to as 4/20. This date became important due to a group of high school students gathering at 4:20 AM to smoke marijuana in 1972. Dispensaries in Thailand may have events or sales on April 20th.

July 10

July 10th, known as “710,” becomes “OIL” when reversed. Oils extracted from marijuana can be smoked like dried marijuana and have gained popularity among enthusiasts. On July 10th, you might find discounts on oils and vapes.


We’ve shared information on enjoying holidays in Thailand. Thailand has legalized marijuana use through legal reforms. Foreign travelers can use marijuana by adhering to Thai laws. Thailand has had connections with marijuana for a long time, including marijuana-infused cuisine. Since legalization, marijuana-infused cuisine has resurfaced, and cooking classes allowing you to experience such cuisine are being held. Thailand has become an attractive country for cannabis enthusiasts.

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