Thailand Vaping Laws: Everything You Need to Know

In December 2014, Thailand implemented a ban on electronic cigarettes through legislation, causing a significant impact on many tourists. The sale, import, possession, and use of electronic cigarettes, including vape products, were prohibited. The relationship between vaping (VAPE) and electronic cigarettes in Thailand is complex, and unawareness of the regulations could lead to trouble.

Is Vaping Legal in Thailand?

Vaping is illegal in Thailand, and the importation of vape products and electronic cigarettes is also prohibited. Possessing electronic cigarettes in Thailand can result in a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment or a fine of up to 500,000 baht. Many cases have been reported where individuals, unaware of these laws, brought electronic cigarettes into the country and faced substantial fines. It is advisable not to bring electronic cigarettes when visiting Thailand to avoid legal consequences. Additionally, vaping in public violates tobacco control laws.

During the legalization of cannabis in 2022, discussions arose about the potential promotion of new smokers, particularly among the youth, due to the increasing use of electronic cigarettes.

Despite the legal restrictions, vape products are openly sold in shops and street stalls in Thailand. While vaping is generally considered illegal, not everyone using vape products gets arrested, but periodic arrests are made as a deterrent. The electronic cigarette market in Thailand has been growing in recent years, but electronic cigarettes constitute only around 5% of the tobacco industry.

Is CBD Vape Legal?

CBD vape products are classified under electronic cigarettes, making them illegal. While vaping is illegal, the use of CBD products is legal in Thailand. However, CBD vape liquids are considered illegal as they are used in electronic cigarettes. Nevertheless, CBD vape liquids can still be found in dispensaries and other stores.


In Thailand, electronic cigarettes and vaping are illegal.

Despite the legal restrictions, people may be seen using electronic cigarettes and vaping in Thailand’s streets. Violating electronic cigarette laws in Thailand can result in a maximum penalty of 10 years imprisonment or a fine of up to 500,000 baht. Many cases involve foreign travelers facing fines for using or possessing vape products in Thailand, so smokers planning to travel to Thailand should exercise caution.

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