High Times in Bangkok: The Risks and Rewards of THC Edibles in Thailand

Proliferation of Marijuana Dispensaries

When walking in Bangkok, Thailand, you’ll notice dispensaries and street vendors selling marijuana. Some dispensaries are licensed, but street vendors may illegally sell marijuana, so caution is necessary.

Dispensaries offer a variety of THC-infused edibles like brownies, cookies, muffins, THC gummies, chocolates, and more. Edible marijuana is used for recreational and medical purposes, but it’s important to be mindful of the THC dosage. Fortunately, there have been no reports of overdose accidents in Thailand yet.

Points to Note When Consuming THC Edibles

When consuming THC edibles, pay attention to the THC content. The ideal THC intake varies based on desired effects, individual tolerance, previous THC experiences, and personal physiology. In the United States, the standard THC dosage for edibles is said to be 5mg. In Thailand, many edibles contain higher THC levels.

Here are the effects per mg and recommended usage:


  • Effects: Mild relief of stress and anxiety. Effects may be subtle due to low THC content.
  • Suited for: First-time THC users, individuals accustomed to low THC doses.


  • Effects: Relief from pain, stress, and anxiety. Some may experience strong euphoria.
  • Suited for: Users who didn’t feel effects with low THC, recreational users, those seeking stronger effects.


  • Effects: Significant relief from pain, stress, and anxiety. Strong euphoria possible with potential side effects for some users.
  • Suited for: Experienced THC users, both recreational and medical purposes.


  • Effects: Getting high, intoxication.
  • Suited for: Medical use, caution for users with low THC tolerance due to potential side effects like anxiety, panic, nausea, increased heart rate.


  • Effects: Intense intoxication with potential side effects like nausea, anxiety, vomiting, increased heart rate.
  • Suited for: Patients needing high THC doses for conditions like cancer or inflammation, not recommended for recreational use.

For first-time THC users, it’s recommended to start with 2.5mg or less and assess the effects before increasing the dose. Note that some cannabis products may contain allergens. The daily recommended THC intake is around 10-20mg, exceeding which can lead to heightened effects and more frequent side effects.

Consuming edibles results in longer-lasting effects compared to inhalation, lasting up to 12 to even 24 hours for some individuals. To avoid negative experiences, stick to recommended dosages when consuming edible marijuana.

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