High levels of THC found in cows ate industrial hemp

When 10 cows were fed industrial hemp, it was found that the cows’ behavior was abnormal and high levels of THC and CBD were detected in their milk.

The experiment, conducted in Germany, was conducted using two varieties of hemp grass, one with low THC and the other with high THC.

Both varieties contain less than 0.2% THC, making them common industrial hemp.

In the first phase, the cows were fed the entire hemp plant of the low THC variety, and in the second phase, they were fed only the flowers, leaves, and seeds of the high THC variety.

The first phase showed no health effects on the cows.

In the second phase, the health effects were more pronounced and were observed in the tongue, yawning, bloodshot eyes, increased nasal discharge, salivation, and lightheadedness.

Some of the affected cows were seen to have unsteady gait and abnormal posture.

In the second phase, the amount of food eaten by the cows and the amount of milk produced were also reduced.

And the milk produced contained 316 micrograms of THC per kilogram (1 microgram = 0.001 milligrams) and 1174 micrograms of CBD.

Although the exact components of what is causing these effects are not known, it is said that the effects are probably caused by THC.

In addition, it remains unclear whether humans get high when they drink milk in which THC has been detected.

This German experiment found that natural levels of THC in cannabis grass had no health effects on cows, and that feeding THC-rich parts of the plant, such as flowers and leaves, reduced the cows’ appetite and milk produced.

Several municipalities are considering the possibility of using cannabis and industrial hemp as livestock feed, and the results of this study may have been a very informative experiment.

Because hemp grass grows quickly and is inexpensive, it is expected to be used to feed the next generation and as a secondary food source, but the results of this study do not indicate that it is safe.

As more research is done and its safety is assured, the possibility of it becoming a food source will likely increase.

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