Is Cannabis legal in Myanmar?

Both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are illegal in Myanmar.

Myanmar is part of the Golden Triangle, a country that was once the drug-producing region of Southeast Asia.

In the past, the cultivation of narcotics, marijuana, and the poppy were all flourishing in the Golden Triangle.

Currently, drug production has declined and the region has become a tourist destination.

Because of this, Myanmar is strictly controlling drugs.

Currently, Myanmar has strict drug laws that make the possession, use, and sale of marijuana a criminal offense.

Since marijuana is illegal, the cultivation of marijuana is also strictly prohibited. Even for personal use, fines and imprisonment are imposed.

Medical cannabis in Myanmar

Medical cannabis is illegal in Myanmar.

Any form of cannabis, including dried medical marijuana and medicinal medical marijuana, is illegal.

Marijuana is not generally accepted in Myanmar and many people are conservative.

Although some citizens and medical marijuana-supporting organizations have voiced that medical marijuana should be legalized, the Myanmar government still has not shown any willingness to consider medical marijuana.

Thailand has removed cannabis from its drug list, but Myanmar’s cannabis regulations are unlikely to change in the near future.

CBD in Myanmar

CBD is also illegal in Myanmar.

CBD is a cannabis-derived ingredient that has been shown to have relaxing, anti-inflammatory, and sleep quality support effects, and is used worldwide in the medical field and on a daily basis.

However, because it is derived from cannabis, it is strictly regulated in Myanmar.

Visitors to Myanmar are not allowed to bring CBD into the country, so please be careful not to bring it in when visiting Myanmar.


We have introduced the cannabis situation in Myanmar.

In Myanmar, both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are illegal and strictly regulated.

CBD is also illegal in Myanmar because it is derived from cannabis.

Myanmar is one of the countries in the world that strictly regulates marijuana and other drugs, so when visiting Myanmar, do not touch it lightly.

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