Is Cannabis legal in Nepal?

Both medical and recreational marijuana are illegal in Nepal.

Nepal’s Drug Control Act of 1976 makes cannabis illegal. People who use marijuana are subject to imprisonment.

However, marijuana has been used in Nepal for generations and many people still use it today.

Cannabis can be used freely during Hindu Shiva celebrations.

Nepal has land and climate suitable for cannabis cultivation, and some people still grow it privately in fields and other locations.

In the 1960s, marijuana and other drugs were widely used and sold legally in various stores and cafes.

Today, marijuana is still widely used in people’s lives, but the use and possession of marijuana is illegal under the law, so please never use marijuana.

Medical cannabis in Nepal

Medical cannabis is illegal in Nepal.

However, cannabis has been widely used in Nepal since ancient times.

Nepal borders India and the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, and Hinduism is widely practiced.

Nepal has Ayurvedic medicine, and cannabis is widely used by the people as a gift to Lord Shiva in Hinduism, as well as utilizing cannabis in Ayurvedic medicine.

In addition, licensed dealers sold hashish in the capital city of Kathmandu prior to the enactment of the Narcotics Control Act of 1976.

In 2020, a bill to legalize marijuana was introduced by Nepalese lawmakers and is still being debated.

The bill focuses on medical marijuana, legalizing the cultivation, processing, and sale of marijuana under license, and allowing individuals to grow up to six plants in their homes.

Industrial Hemp

In Nepal, industrial hemp with a THC content of up to 0.2% can be grown.

In order to cultivate industrial hemp, an official permit must be obtained from the government, and cultivation is limited to specific conditions and locations.

Industrial hemp cultivation is legal under certain conditions, but there is no specific legal framework, and it is effectively illegal with respect to CBD.

Cannabis has been growing wild in Nepal for a long time, and many traditional items such as textiles, bags, and clothing were made from cannabis.

After the enactment of the Narcotics Control Act, it was no longer possible to handle cannabis, but now that cannabis regulations are being eased worldwide, Nepal’s cannabis industry is beginning to be reevaluated.

The reevaluation of Nepalese hemp products has made it easier for farmers to find sales channels, and the Nepalese hemp industry is expected to expand further.


We have introduced the cannabis situation in Nepal.

In Nepal, both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are illegal.

Although the use of marijuana in Nepal is punishable by imprisonment, marijuana has been used traditionally in Nepal since ancient times, and many people are said to still use it today.

A bill to legalize marijuana with a focus on medical marijuana has been proposed for 2020 and is still under deliberation.

Nepal has the potential to become the country to legalize marijuana at an early stage.

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