Is CBD Safe for Kids? What Parents Should Know

In this blog, we have introduced various perspectives on the benefits of CBD and the current state of CBD products. While it has been found that CBD is effective for symptoms of depression, cancer treatment, and many other conditions, is it safe for children to use? In this blog post, we will discuss the effects of CBD on children and whether it can be used safely.

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Is CBD Safe for Kids?

Parents who have directly experienced the various positive effects of CBD may have wondered if CBD can also be used for their children. However, at present, the use of CBD for children is not recommended.

CBD products have gained significant popularity in recent years, but there is limited research on their effects on children. One FDA-approved pharmaceutical product derived from cannabis is Epidiolex, which can be used for the treatment of epilepsy in children aged 2 and older. Since CBD is still relatively new, there are not many regulations on the components present in CBD products.

However, research on the effects of CBD products on children is ongoing. A study conducted in 2018 on 60 children with autism reported that 39% of the children experienced improvements in anxiety.

As mentioned earlier, CBD is still relatively new, and the long-term effects and impacts on children are not yet fully understood. There have been reports suggesting the effectiveness of CBD oil in treating ADHD and anxiety disorders in children, but the research is still not sufficient. The American Academy of Pediatrics does not support the use of medical cannabis without FDA approval.

In Conclusion

We have discussed whether CBD is safe for children and whether it can be used. Currently, it is not recommended to use CBD for kids. While research on CBD for children is progressing, there is still a lack of research findings. It is expected that further research on CBD will be conducted, shedding light on its effects and impacts on children, and child-friendly CBD products may be developed.

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