What is cannabis tea? Are there any differences in effects?

The most common method of using cannabis is smoking, but cannabis tea offers a different experience and effects. It is important to note that for those who are not comfortable with smoking or those considering cannabis use for relaxation purposes, “cannabis tea” is an alternative option worth considering. Now let’s explore the benefits of cannabis tea.

How does cannabis tea differ from smoking?

Cannabis tea, also known as weed tea, ganja tea, or marijuana-infused tea, is a beverage made by steeping various parts of the cannabis plant in hot water. It is recognized as an alternative to smoking or consuming cannabis-infused edibles. While cannabis tea is not a commonly used method of consumption, it is believed to provide similar physical and psychological effects as smoking or consuming cannabis-infused edibles.

Research on cannabis tea suggests that its effects can be influenced by factors such as steeping time, amount of plant material, and storage duration of the leaves. One ounce of cannabis tea made from marijuana plants can contain up to 5 grams of THC, which can be used for medical purposes such as pain relief, improving the digestive system, reducing high blood pressure, relieving abdominal pain, and suppressing nausea. For example, cannabis tea has been found to have antiemetic (anti-nausea) effects. As smoking may not be a suitable method for everyone, brewing cannabis into tea allows for the effective absorption of cannabinoids into the body.

Cannabis tea offers a healthier alternative to smoking and provides a different therapeutic experience. While smoking can produce effects within 1-2 minutes, the effects of cannabis tea are typically felt 30-90 minutes after ingestion, as it is absorbed through the digestive system. These effects can last for approximately 4-8 hours.

Registered dietitians have stated that smoking can damage lung tissue, whereas cannabis tea may have potential benefits.

CBD Tea for Relaxation

The aforementioned cannabis tea contains THC, which may be restricted to medical use in some countries. However, there are CBD teas available that do not contain THC. CBD tea does not have psychoactive effects, making it a popular choice for relaxation purposes, particularly before bedtime. CBD is known to have potential effects on anxiety, sleep, and inflammation, making it a suitable product for individuals struggling with insomnia or those dealing with stress and worries.

In Conclusion

We have discussed cannabis tea, which serves as an alternative to the commonly used methods of consuming cannabis, such as smoking or consuming cannabis-infused edibles. It is believed to provide a healthier way to consume cannabis compounds. Cannabis tea containing THC is commonly used for medical purposes, while CBD tea is often consumed for relaxation purposes.

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