Phuket’s Cannabis Scene: Rapidly Growing Market and Its Impact

Phuket, the Thai paradise known for its beautiful sandy beaches and turquoise waters, has witnessed new changes in its landscape in recent years. One notable transformation is the rapid growth of the cannabis market. As a result of regulatory relaxation by the Thai government, Phuket now hosts over 1,000 approved cannabis dispensaries, and this trend is influencing the tourism sector as well.

Rapidly Growing Cannabis Market in Phuket

Phuket, renowned as a haven of stunning beaches in Thailand, is now garnering attention for another aspect—its swiftly expanding cannabis market. In 2022, the Thai government removed marijuana from the narcotics list, enabling its cultivation for personal use and consumption at designated locations. The impact of this regulatory easing on marijuana has led to the opening of numerous cannabis dispensaries in Phuket. It’s said that more than 1,000 licensed cannabis dispensaries are operational, offering new economic possibilities for the local economy.

Vibrancy of the Cannabis Industry: Joint Rolling Competition in Phuket

In Thailand, events like the “Cannabis Cup” are organized, and Phuket hosts the “Joint Rolling Competition in Phuket.” These events attract cannabis enthusiasts and businesses from across the nation, highlighting the vivacity of the cannabis industry. These events signify more than just competitions; they reflect the growing acceptance of cannabis within the local community. Such events are likely to draw attention beyond the realm of beach resorts.

Influence of Foreign Tourists and Challenges

A notable fact is that 70% to 80% of visitors to Phuket’s cannabis dispensaries are foreign tourists. This influx includes visitors from Japan, China, Malaysia, the Philippines, and even the United States and Europe. The restricted acceptance of medical and recreational cannabis by the Thai government has resulted in a surge in demand from local Thai residents and foreign tourists alike. Future challenges include ensuring a stable supply, quality management, and effective implementation of regulations.

Expansion of the Cannabis Market

The attention garnered by Phuket’s cannabis market isn’t solely due to its rapid growth and diversity; the support from the Thai government plays a substantial role. Investors from countries such as the United States and Canada, where the cannabis market is already legalized, are contributing to further expansion by visiting Thailand. Experts are debating the potential ripple effects of the cannabis industry on Thailand’s economy, including regions like Phuket. The revenue generated by the cannabis industry holds the potential to invigorate the local economy through increased tax revenue and job creation, thereby contributing to overall community development.


While Phuket’s cannabis market is experiencing rapid growth and vitality, challenges accompany its expansion. The surge in demand from foreign tourists stimulates the market but necessitates proper regulation and management. Achieving sustainable growth and harmony with the local community requires collaboration among the government, industry stakeholders, and residents. Phuket’s cannabis industry will continue to tread the path of maturity while striving to maintain a delicate balance.

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