What does 710 mean? What’s the difference compared to “420 Friendly”?

Have you ever heard of the term “710” that has permeated the cannabis industry? In a previous blog post, we introduced the concepts of “420” and “420 Friendly.” If you’re interested in learning about “420 Friendly,” you can click on this link.

Now, what does the term “710” mean in the cannabis industry? And how does it differ from “420 Friendly”?

In this post, we’ll delve into the meaning of “710.” Let’s enhance our understanding of essential terms within the cannabis industry.

What does 710 mean?

The term “710” refers to a cannabis lifestyle celebration that occurs at a specific time (7:10 AM or 7:10 PM) or on a specific date (July 10th). This term has become well-established in the cannabis industry due to its association with using cannabis-derived oils and extracts at the designated times or events. July 10th is often referred to as “National Oil Day,” “Dab Day,” or “710 Day.” The term “710” is a playful reversal of the word “OIL,” signifying the slang used when inhaling or using cannabis-derived oils or extracts. Try typing “710” on your smartphone or calculator and flip it upside down – you’ll see that it resembles “OIL.”

Because 710 holds significance in the cannabis industry, particularly in relation to cannabis-derived oils, many events are held on July 10th. These events include oil extraction competitions, music festivals, sales, and more. For example, the Cannabis Awards Music Festival takes place in Las Vegas, while the Cannabis Cup is held in New Mexico and Southern California.

What is the origin of the meaning of 710?

Unlike the clear origin story of “420,” the birth story of “710” remains somewhat mysterious. According to some sources, the term “710” emerged in 2011. It’s attributed to TaskRok, a rapper and cannabis enthusiast, who supposedly came up with the term during a conversation with friends. The idea struck him that if you flip “710” upside down, it becomes “OIL.” While there were several words for cannabis concentrate oils in the 2010s, “710” continues to be used today. TaskRok isn’t particularly eager to take credit for coining the term, suggesting that “710” belongs to the cannabis community.

In Conclusion

I’ve introduced the term “710” to you. Similar to “420,” “710” is considered a holiday within the cannabis industry. Both the birth stories of “420” and “710” hold intriguing narratives. Gaining some knowledge of cannabis industry terminology can provide you with a fresh perspective and make things more enjoyable.

NOTE: Our posts are not intended to encourage cannabis use; rather, they aim to provide information about cannabis and reduce potential harms associated with its use.

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