Are medical marijuana and recreational marijuana legal in New Zealand?

Medical marijuana was legalized in New Zealand in 2017. However, recreational marijuana remains illegal.

Cannabis is classified as a Class B drug, and use of cannabis carries a two-month jail sentence, a $500 fine, or both.

It is also illegal to cultivate marijuana, and a prosecution for cultivating marijuana carries a two-year prison sentence and/or a $2,000 fine.

However, many people in New Zealand have used marijuana in their lives, and in 2020, the world’s first referendum was held on the legalization of marijuana. The result was 53.1% against and 46.1% in favor, with the opposition slightly outnumbering the proponents.

Medical marijuana in New Zealand

Medical marijuana was legalized in New Zealand in 2017.

Medical marijuana is prescribed to patients based on a doctor’s diagnosis. There are no restrictions on the diseases or conditions for which medical marijuana can be prescribed, and treatment with medical marijuana is allowed at the discretion of a physician when there is no cure.

In 2020, a new medical marijuana law was released through the Department of Health’s Bureau of Medical Marijuana. This law allows for the cultivation and production of medical cannabis in New Zealand under new quality standards and a new licensing system.

Previously, medical marijuana in New Zealand relied on imports from overseas, which were expensive and not easily accessible to those wishing to use medical marijuana. The new law allows for domestic production, which is expected to bridge the price gap.

As for quality, cannabis products must meet manufacturing quality standards called Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). The Ministry of Health has announced that “minimum quality standards have been prepared to ensure quality and consistency in all medical cannabis that doctors prescribe to their patients.

Approved companies will be able to distribute within New Zealand and produce for overseas markets, which will help develop the medical marijuana industry and revitalize New Zealand’s economic situation.

CBD products are legal

CBD products are legal in New Zealand, but require a prescription.

CBD oil was legalized in New Zealand in 2017 and some people are using it. However, there are still barriers to CBD products within New Zealand. Doctors still have little experience treating patients with CBD and are sometimes hesitant to prescribe CBD products.

Also, in 2019, THC oil can be prescribed by registered physicians in New Zealand; THC oil is legal, but there seems to be a limited selection of products to choose from.

Home Growing is illegal (Can be grown with approval.)

Growing cannabis is illegal in New Zealand. A person charged with cultivating marijuana can be imprisoned for two years and fined $2,000.

However, there are a certain number of people in New Zealand who have used marijuana, and there are stories of private cultivation.

In order to legally cultivate, a cultivation license must be approved by the government. The license is issued when the government approves, and the approved product has a THC concentration of 0.35% or less.

What you should know before going to New Zealand

Recreational marijuana is illegal in New Zealand. If you are visiting New Zealand on vacation, do not touch marijuana.

It is illegal to use marijuana, and driving a car while under the influence of marijuana is a serious offense.


We have introduced the marijuana situation in New Zealand. In New Zealand, medical marijuana is legalized, but recreational use is illegal.

Medical marijuana used to be imported from overseas, but the new rules allow for its production in New Zealand. It is hoped that the application of the new rules will eliminate the existing barriers to medical marijuana.

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