Are medical marijuana and recreational marijuana legal in Thailand?

Medical marijuana legal in Thailand in 2018 and new rules on marijuana in June 2022 Medical marijuana was legalized in 2018, making it the first in Asia to allow medical and industrial use of marijuana. Recreational marijuana has now been removed from the drug list, but recreational marijuana use is still illegal. However, in large cities such as Bangkok, many people use marijuana for recreational purposes, and this is one aspect of the problem with regard to marijuana abuse. The government may also enact new rules.

The CBD market has been booming in Thailand since medical marijuana became legal.
Foreign marijuana industry manufacturers and other companies are entering the Thai market, and Thai cosmetics and food manufacturers are entering the CBD industry.

Recreational Marijuana in Thailand

New rules on marijuana were enacted in June 2022. According to the Thai Minister of Health, recreational marijuana use is still illegal and will be severely punished. However, in Bangkok, Pattaya, and other large cities with many foreign tourists, marijuana dispensaries where people can purchase marijuana have been opening one after another.

In reality, the use of marijuana for recreational purposes stands in a gray area, with two voices: one saying that it is safe to smoke recreational marijuana and the other saying that recreational use is completely illegal.

In Thailand’s legalization of marijuana, THC content of 0.2% or less was removed from the drug list, making it legal for the cultivation and trade of marijuana and marijuana products, and for use in the treatment of diseases. It can be used in food, beverages, cosmetics, and medicines as long as they are procured from registered growers in Thailand. Restaurants are also allowed to serve marijuana-infused food, provided that the THC content is less than 0.2%.

Currently in Thailand, inhaling marijuana in public is punishable by imprisonment of up to 3 months and a fine of up to $800.

Medical marijuana in Thailand

Medical marijuana was legalized in Thailand in 2018. Traditional treatment with marijuana has long been practiced in Thailand until the 1930s. However, as time progressed, cannabis became a designated drug. In 2018, the 1979 law on anesthetics was amended to legalize the use of cannabis for medical and research purposes.

In 2020, Thailand’s medical marijuana market was worth about 1.5 billion baht, but two years later, in 2022, it will reach 122.1 million US dollars. Compared to countries that have already legalized marijuana, such as the U.S. and Canada, the market is still in the process of development, but it is expected to grow to 20 billion baht scale by 2024.

By 2021, Thailand will have 70 JCI-certified medical facilities, making it one of the top medical tourism destinations in Asia.

CBD products are legal

CBD products are legal in Thailand. Thai regulators have exempted “pure CBD and CBD products containing less than 0.2% THC” and “hemp seeds and oils (with no or little THC)” from a category 5 drug designation. CBD itself has not been regulated before, but now that hemp, the source of CBD, has been exempted from the controlled substance list, attitudes toward CBD products will become more tolerant.

CBD products in Thailand are now available in the form of CBD oil, edibles, CBD liquid for vaping, and lotions with CBD ingredients. In addition, Thailand is famous for its Thai massage, and there are spas and other facilities that change the oil used during Thai massage to oil with CBD ingredients, offering the synergistic effects of massage and CBD.

Furthermore, in Thailand, CBD-infused drinks are commonly sold at convenience stores as well as specialty stores. Thailand is one of the most accessible countries in the world for CBD products.

Registration allows home cultivation.

Under the new rules in 2022, anyone who registers with the government via a mobile app will be allowed to cultivate marijuana at home. However, cultivation is limited to medical marijuana, and without a license, marijuana cannot be used for commercial purposes.

With marijuana now exempted from the designated drug list, the government has announced plans to distribute a total of 1 million marijuana plants free of charge to the public, with the aim of growing a new market for marijuana, providing new options for farmers, and promoting the development of the medical industry. The purpose is to grow a new market for marijuana by cultivating marijuana. With the exclusion of marijuana from the list of designated drugs, more than 3,000 inmates involved in marijuana cultivation and possession have been released so far.

This trend in Thailand has been dubbed the “green rush,” and investors and cannabis companies from Thailand and abroad are entering the market one after another.

What you should know before going to Thailand

There is a widespread perception that marijuana has been fully legalized in Thailand, but in reality, medical marijuana use is legal and recreational marijuana use is illegal.

However, marijuana is sold on Khao San Road and in downtown Pattaya, where there are many tourists, and it is offered in a state where it can be smoked on the spot. In Thailand, where the law is not yet fully enforced, these are seen as a problem. Sellers who have not obtained a sales license are being cracked down on by the police. Tourists visiting Thailand may be tempted by marijuana, but we do not recommend the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.

The use of marijuana is permitted for medical purposes only if prescribed by a physician. Treatment using marijuana is one of the most advanced in the Asian region and can be said to be one of the top medical tourism in Asia.

The legalization of cannabis has also created a large market for the CBD industry. CBD is a legal way to consume cannabis ingredients, and those who want to experience cannabis ingredients in a casual way are advised to use CBD products. CBD oil and Thai massage are very effective, and the cannabis-derived ingredients can be taken through the skin, The effects of CBD oil and Thai massage are excellent, allowing you to experience the relaxing effects of CBD through the skin and the relaxing effects of a solid CBD.


We have introduced the cannabis situation in Thailand. In Thailand, medical marijuana is legal and recreational use is still illegal. Penalties have been announced for using marijuana in public places. Medical marijuana has been legalized since 2018, and even clinics specializing in marijuana treatment have appeared.

It can be said that Thailand will lead the cannabis industry in the Asian region in the future.

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