Are medical marijuana and recreational marijuana legal in the UK?

The use and possession of recreational marijuana is illegal in the United Kingdom, while medical marijuana became legal in 2018.

Although recreational marijuana is banned in the United Kingdom, and severe penalties are set, a certain percentage of the population has experienced cannabis in the past.

CBD products are legal in the UK, with one report showing that over 8 million people consume CBD and that sales of CBD products exceed sales of vitamin C products.

Recreational Marijuana in the UK

The use and possession of recreational marijuana is illegal in the UK.

Penalties for the use and possession of marijuana include up to five years in prison, an unlimited fine, or both.

Possession of very small amounts or smoking for personal purposes rarely results in prosecution and often results in an on-the-spot fine or warning from the police.

Some police forces have a more tolerant attitude toward marijuana, with the marijuana possession rate in Cornwall and Devon as low as 15%, and the Durham Police Department has announced that it will no longer target recreational marijuana users.

However, recreational marijuana use is illegal, so do not use marijuana.

Recreational marijuana use is illegal, but on April 20, a day to celebrate cannabis culture, cannabis enthusiasts across the United Kingdom gather in Hyde Park to smoke cannabis.

Medical marijuana in the UK

Medical marijuana was legalized in the UK in November 2018.

The legalization of medical marijuana was prompted by the social interest generated by the case of two epileptic children who received cannabis treatment.

Until November 2018, there was much opposition in the United Kingdom because medical marijuana had not been legalized in the world, despite the fact that epilepsy can be treated with medical marijuana in the United Kingdom.

Now medical marijuana has been legalized and prescriptions are allowed if a doctor determines that treatment with medical marijuana is necessary.

The British Ministry of Home Affairs has issued a statement saying, “There are no restrictions on prescribing for any condition as long as it is considered to be a treatment.

Although the use of medical marijuana is likely for many patients in the future, restrictions exist under the use of medical marijuana.

Under current law in the United Kingdom, if you are stopped by police while driving, you must submit to a test; if you exceed a certain level of THC or other cannabis-derived constituents, you are guilty.

It is also illegal to drive with medical marijuana in your body, which is punishable by a minimum one-year driving ban, a fine, and up to six months in jail.

Medical use is legal, recreational use is illegal.

Medical use is legal, recreational use is illegal in the U.K. Currently, the use of medical marijuana is legal, while the use and possession of recreational marijuana is illegal.

It has been suggested by some lawmakers that there may be a move toward legalization of recreational marijuana.

Further evidence from the U.S. and Canada, where cannabis has already been legalized, is expected to help advance the debate on the legalization of recreational marijuana.

CBD products are legal and used by many

CBD products are legal and used by many in the UK.

CBD oil is not a drug and can be sold without a license or prescription as long as each container does not contain more than 1 mg of THC.

CBD products are gaining popularity in the United Kingdom, with an estimated 8 million Britons using CBD products.

Sales of CBD products are said to exceed sales of vitamin C products, indicating a growing interest in CBD products and mental health awareness in the UK.

Access to CBD is easy in the UK, with CBD oil and CBD edibles available, as well as CBD in cafes and bars.

Some cafes even offer CBD in their coffee for an additional fee, allowing people to enjoy CBD in everyday dining situations.

When the UK was hit with a severe lockdown due to COVID-19 in 2020, various businesses took a hit, but the CBD industry went on a steady sales growth during that time.

It is said that the number of people using CBD products to relieve stress caused by COVID-19 has increased.

Home growing is illegal.

Private cultivation of marijuana is prohibited in the United Kingdom.

Only licensed companies and organizations are allowed to grow marijuana in the UK.

However, it is often grown illegally inside private homes and apartments, and the United Kingdom is also known as a marijuana exporting country.

In the year 2009-2010, approximately 7,000 illegal marijuana cultivation facilities were discovered.

What you should know before going to the UK

Recreational marijuana is illegal in the UK.

Although it is illegal, there are still a certain number of people using and possessing marijuana in the UK. In many cases, small amounts of personal use is tacitly accepted, but it is illegal under the law, so you should know before going to the UK that you should not use marijuana.

Medical marijuana use is legal and permitted when a doctor has diagnosed the use of medical marijuana due to lack of other treatment options.

As for CBD products, there is a wide variety of CBD products available with the emergence of CBD product manufacturers and startup companies in the UK.

CBD is legal and there are cafes and bars where you can casually enjoy CBD, so if you want to relax with CBD, you can visit a café or bar.


Recreational marijuana is illegal in the United Kingdom, and medical marijuana was legalized in 2018.

Some lawmakers and citizens have said that recreational marijuana should be legalized, and there is a great possibility that the UK will legalize recreational marijuana in the future.

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