How to take CBD and the effects of each

The CBD market is booming.

There is a wide variety of CBD products on the market, and each product has a different method of ingestion.

Different methods of ingestion will result in different durations and lengths of time before the effects of CBD can be felt.

In this blog post, we will discuss the different CBD ingestion methods and the characteristics of each ingestion method.

Please refer to this article if you are worried about choosing the right CBD product or if you are interested in CBD products.

How to take CBD

There are several ways to take CBD, and there are four standard ways to take CBD.

・Sublingual intake
・Oral intake
・Transdermal intake

Each of these ingestion methods will change the time it takes for the CBD ingredients to work and the duration of the CBD.

Depending on the purpose for which CBD products are used, there is a suitable ingestion method.


Inhalation ingestion is commonly done through the use of a vape.

The vape heats the CBD liquid and the vapor produced is inhaled through the mouth. In suction ingestion, the vapor is stored in the lungs for a few seconds, allowing the lungs to absorb the CBD and feel the effects of CBD more fully.

The realization of the effects of CBD depends on the concentration of the CBD liquid, but you will feel the effects earlier than with other ingestion methods, but the duration will not be as long.

Many smokers use a vape instead of cigarettes to enjoy the relaxing effects.

Since you will be putting vapor into your lungs, we recommend other methods than suction intake if you have never smoked a vape or have no smoking experience.

Sublingual intake

Sublingual intake is a method of intaking CBD oil by dropping it onto the lower part of the tongue.

This is the most common method of CBD ingestion.

The effects of CBD can be felt as early as 15 minutes or as late as one hour before the effects of CBD are felt. There are large blood vessels under the tongue through which CBD is absorbed.

In sublingual intake, CBD oil is dripped under the tongue, allowed to accumulate for 30 seconds to 1 minute, and then swallowed.

Many people use sublingual intake as a bedtime routine before going to bed because they can feel the effects of CBD for a longer period of time.

It helps them sleep better and reduces sluggishness after waking up from sleep.

Oral intake

Oral intake is mainly taken by eating or drinking edibles such as gummies, chocolates, and pancakes.

Gummies and chocolate edibles contain CBD ingredients, so they are easy to use on a daily basis, even for those who do not like the unique bitterness of CBD.

Oral intake absorbs CBD ingredients through the blood vessels of the mouth in the same way as sublingual intake.

The effects can often be felt within an hour after eating or drinking, and the effect time is longer.

This is the recommended ingestion method for CBD beginners and those who do not like the bitterness of CBD.

Transdermal intake

Transdermal intake is a method of ingesting CBD by applying a gel, cream, or lotion to the skin.

Since transdermal intake absorbs CBD through the skin, there is no immediate effect of CBD ingredients, but anti-aging effects and prevention or improvement of acne and skin inflammation can be expected.

CBD contains many ingredients that are effective against acne and inflammation, and has attracted attention from the beauty industry.

In Thailand, there are many spas that offer Thai oil massages using CBD oil, so it is recommended to go there if you want to experience massage and CBD.


We have introduced how to take CBD.

Depending on the method of intake, the time until the effects can be felt and the duration will vary.

We recommend sublingual intake for those who want to secure a comfortable sleep, and inhalation intake for those who want to secure a relaxing time that replaces smoking.

CBD can be used continuously for better results.

In today’s stressful society, you may be able to have a better life by making good use of CBD products.

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