Is Cannabis legal in Bangladesh?

Both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are illegal in Bangladesh.

Both are illegal in Bangladesh and strictly regulated, but recreational marijuana is distributed in Bangladesh with tacit approval in some cases.

According to a United Nations report, there are approximately 65,000 drug addicts in Bangladesh, and about half of them are said to be using marijuana.

Bangladesh banned the cultivation of marijuana in 1987 and its sale in 1989, and the Narcotics Control Act of 1990 takes a tough stance against marijuana, with a 10-year prison sentence for possession of less than 2 kg of marijuana and a maximum death sentence for possession of 2 kg or more.

Medical cannabis in Bangladesh

Medical cannabis is illegal in Bangladesh.

The cultivation, sale, and use of marijuana is illegal, and hospitals and clinics are not allowed to use marijuana for medical treatment.

However, Bangladesh has long used cannabis as a traditional medicine. It is believed that a certain number of people still use marijuana as a folk remedy.

The Bangladeshi government is tightening regulations on marijuana and drugs, so it is unlikely that medical marijuana will be legalized anytime soon.

Background of Marijuana use

Bangladesh was part of the British Empire until 1947, and during the British era, marijuana was actively cultivated in the country.

During the British period, marijuana was cultivated in the Naogaon, Rajshahi, and Jamalpur districts, and the Naogaon district was known as the largest marijuana cultivation area in the Indian subcontinent.

Although it is now strictly regulated by law, cannabis continues to be cultivated in the Naogaon district and hilly areas in northwestern Bangladesh.

CBD is illegal

CBD is illegal in Bangladesh.

Current Bangladeshi law does not distinguish between cannabis and CBD, and CBD is considered a drug in the same way as cannabis.

If you visit Bangladesh, do not bring CBD products into the country.


We have introduced the cannabis situation in Bangladesh.

Both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are illegal in Bangladesh, and the Bangladeshi government is making efforts to control the drug.

Bangladesh has long cultivated marijuana and used marijuana in folk medicine, and depending on future research on marijuana, medical marijuana may be legalized in the country.

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