Is Cannabis legal in Indonesia?

Both recreational and medical marijuana are illegal in Indonesia.

Indonesia’s drug laws are said to be among the strictest in the world, and possession, use, or transfer of marijuana carries heavy penalties.

Using marijuana for personal use carries a maximum penalty of four years in prison, while transferring marijuana to another person carries a penalty of five to 15 years in prison and a fine.

Possession or cultivation of more than one kilogram of marijuana carries even heavier penalties.

While CBD ingredients are legal in many countries around the world, CBD is also illegal in Indonesia.

CBD products are also prohibited from being brought into Indonesia, so if you are a regular user of CBD products, please be careful not to bring them into Indonesia.

Medical Cannabis in Indonesia

Medical cannabis is illegal in Indonesia.

Since Thailand, a neighboring country, legalized medical marijuana, it was expected that Indonesia would also legalize medical marijuana, but as of 2023, there has been no progress in the legalization of medical marijuana.

In Indonesia, three mothers with children with cerebral palsy claimed that they wanted to use medical marijuana in 2020. The use of medical marijuana was discussed and the request was rejected in 2022 on the grounds that medical marijuana research is still insufficient.

It is expected that it will take more time to legalize medical marijuana, but research on the use of marijuana for therapeutic purposes is underway.

However, research on the use of marijuana for medical purposes is underway. Even companies are subject to penalties, which shows the severity of Indonesia’s drug control laws.

CBD is illegal

CBD is illegal in Indonesia.

While CBD is legal in many countries and the CBD market is booming, in Indonesia CBD, THC and edibles are treated like drugs and are all illegal.

CBD is legal in many countries, and many people use CBD products on a daily basis. However, if you are visiting Indonesia, do not bring CBD products with you, as a large amount of CBD products may be considered smuggling and could result in a worst-case scenario.

What you should know before going to Indonesia

Both recreational and medical marijuana are illegal in Indonesia, but in Jakarta, a major city, and Bali, a popular destination for foreign tourists, it is relatively easy to access marijuana and other drugs.

There are many cases of foreign tourists being arrested for marijuana use in Indonesia, so it is best to stay away from marijuana and other drugs when visiting Indonesia.


This article has introduced the marijuana situation in Indonesia.

In Indonesia, both recreational marijuana and medical marijuana are illegal.

In addition, CBD products are also treated as marijuana, so possession or use of CBD products will result in penalties. Indonesia is known to have some of the strictest regulations on cannabis and drugs of any country in the world.

As of 2023, Indonesia has not indicated any policy to legalize marijuana.

We will keep an eye on future marijuana-related discussions and update our information.

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