Is Cannabis legal in Ireland?

Medical marijuana is legal in Ireland and recreational marijuana is illegal.

Although recreational marijuana is illegal, the number of people using cannabis in Ireland is relatively high.

In Ireland, possession and use of recreational marijuana is illegal under the Prevention of Drug Abuse Act 1977.

Possession or use of marijuana is punishable by a fine or imprisonment.

It is said that the police have a certain amount of discretion in the punishment of marijuana, and a person may receive only a caution the first time and a fine the second or third time.

However, it is still illegal in Ireland, so do not use cannabis if you are advised to do so.

Medical cannabis in Ireland

Medical cannabis was legalized in Ireland in 2014.

When medical cannabis was first legalized, it was limited to one product, Sativex, but a medical cannabis program was approved in 2021, adding four additional cannabis-based products.

Ireland’s medical marijuana program has been criticized for the lack of high-THC products and the lack of coverage for prescriptions for chronic pain.

The first prescription using medical marijuana was in 2016, for a boy who was being treated abroad.

CBD is legal

CBD is legal in Ireland.

Since Ireland is a member of the European Union, only CBD products with a THC content of less than 0.2% are legal.

CBD is legal, but in order for CBD to be legally sold in Ireland, CBD must be officially recognized as a medicinal product.

Currently in Ireland, CBD is not recognized as a medicinal product with respect to cannabis-derived products.

CBD products can be purchased online, but in-store sales are still difficult to obtain.

Cannabis cultivation in Ireland

In Ireland, it is illegal for individuals to cultivate cannabis for any purpose.

However, cannabis seeds are available in Ireland, and the number of people cultivating cannabis on their own is increasing.

The sale of cannabis cultivation equipment is also prohibited.

In order to grow marijuana, you need to obtain a permit from the government.


The following is an introduction to the cannabis situation in Ireland.

In Ireland, medical marijuana is legal and recreational marijuana is illegal.

Although recreational marijuana is illegal, there are a certain number of people who use it or have used it.

Medical marijuana was legalized in 2014, but there are no high THC medicines and there has been criticism of the medical marijuana program.

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