Is Cannabis legal in Mongolia?

Both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are illegal in Mongolia.

The possession, use, cultivation, and sale of marijuana is strictly regulated in Mongolia, and violations are subject to severe penalties.

However, marijuana has been growing wild in Mongolia since ancient times and is widely used in mountainous and rural areas.

In Mongolia, a person who commits a crime related to narcotics or other mind-altering substances is subject to imprisonment for up to 15 years.

Asia has a tough stance on marijuana and other narcotics, but Mongolia has one of the toughest stances in Asia.

Medical cannabis in Mongolia

Medical cannabis is illegal in Mongolia.

Medical cannabis use is treated the same as recreational use.

Some organizations in Mongolia are working toward the legalization of medical marijuana, but the Mongolian government is not considering medical marijuana.

Even if you have a medical marijuana permit or prescription in your country, you are not allowed to use medical marijuana in Mongolia.

CBD is illegal

CBD is also illegal.

Possession, use, etc. is prohibited by Mongolian law.

People who use CBD products on a daily basis should be careful not to bring them into Mongolia when visiting the country.

Will Mongolia legalize cannabis?

We can say No to this one.

Mongolia has a very strict stance against drugs such as marijuana and heroin.

There are some calls for decriminalization of cannabis in Mongolia, but it will take some time to get through to the government.


Both medical marijuana and recreational marijuana are illegal in Mongolia.

Despite the fact that marijuana has been growing wild in Mongolia for a long time, the Mongolian government is strictly enforcing the law.

Using marijuana in Mongolia can result in up to 15 years in prison, so never touch it.

CBD is also illegal, and bringing CBD products into the country is also prohibited.

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