Is Cannabis legal in North Korea

North Korea is often considered a conservative and less-traveled destination, with limited information available about cannabis use. While there have been various online articles suggesting that cannabis is legal in North Korea, recent investigations have contradicted these claims. This article aims to shed light on the current situation regarding cannabis in North Korea based on several studies.

Can you use cannabis in North Korea?

North Korea is known for its conservative values, and it is not a popular destination for tourists. Most visitors come from China, and information about cannabis in North Korea is scarce. A few years ago, a British traveler posted pictures on their blog claiming to have purchased dried cannabis in North Korea. However, even if travelers can acquire cannabis, it does not imply its legality in the country. North Korea strictly regulates drugs like cocaine and heroin. Eric Talmadge of AP has presented evidence that marijuana is illegal in North Korea. A Swedish diplomat living in North Korea told AP, “Marijuana falls under the same category as cocaine and heroin. It cannot be legally purchased, and using it is a criminal offense.”


The possession of cannabis in North Korea is likely prohibited, despite rumors fueled by a blogger who posted photos of purchasing cannabis in a market. Specialized North Korean travel agencies also confirmed to AP that marijuana is not legal.


Currently, it is highly probable that cannabis is treated as a controlled substance, similar to heroin and cocaine, and is illegal in North Korea. While myths suggesting unrestricted marijuana use circulated in the early 2010s, recent investigations and testimonies have debunked these claims. North Korea may be a challenging country to visit, but understanding this information may prove useful in the future.

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