Surprising Effects of CBD Cosmetics

In this blog, we have introduced the benefits and effects of CBD. This time, we will focus on the surprising effects and advantages of CBD cosmetics. CBD-based cosmetics have gained worldwide popularity, with many actresses appearing in Hollywood movies using them. In Thailand, the use of cannabis for industrial products has been legalized, leading various cosmetic manufacturers to enter the CBD cosmetics industry. In the latter part of the blog, we will also introduce CBD cosmetics from Thailand.

Effects and Advantages of CBD Cosmetics

While CBD is mainly consumed orally, its fat-solubility allows it to penetrate the skin when applied directly, acting on receptors such as CB2 and TRPV1.

There are numerous types of CBD cosmetics available. Here, we will introduce the effects of four CBD cosmetics: facial cleansers, beauty lotions, beauty serums, and shampoos.

Facial Cleansers

CBD has anti-inflammatory effects, reducing skin redness and helping prevent acne. It also promotes a healthy complexion and offers therapeutic benefits of CBD. Moreover, CBD cosmetics use natural ingredients that skincare enthusiasts can trust, making them suitable for daily skincare routines.

Beauty Lotions

With its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD helps with skin redness, dryness, and acne prevention. When used in conjunction with facial cleansers, the combined effects can be even more powerful.

Beauty Serums

CBD beauty serums are rich in hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, and CBD, maintaining a beautiful skin texture. Vitamin C is essential for maintaining healthy skin, and CBD has been found to have higher antioxidant properties than vitamin C and E.


CBD shampoos can help reduce scalp inflammation and control excessive sebum secretion. Scalp issues are often related to oxidative stress, and by suppressing it, CBD can improve scalp problems. While there is limited research on its effects on graying hair or hair loss, it may be worth trying due to its impact on oxidative stress.

In addition to the mentioned CBD cosmetics, there are other everyday products available, such as body creams, bath bombs, hair oils, conditioners, facial masks, and perfumes. If you’re curious about any of these cosmetics, why not give them a try?

List of CBD Cosmetics from Thailand

Next, let’s introduce some CBD cosmetics from Thailand.


Mistine, a popular Thai cosmetics brand, offers a lotion infused with hemp seed oil, providing excellent moisturization, a natural glow to the skin, and UV protection due to its CBD content.


NATURECAN, a Thai cosmetic brand, offers CBD cream containing 100mg of CBD and coenzyme Q10 in a 50ml container. While the product contains CBD, it is also suitable for vegans.


DR CBD is involved in the entire process from cannabis cultivation to product development. They offer various CBD products, including serums, sunscreens, and facial masks.

In Conclusion

We have introduced the effects of CBD cosmetics and CBD cosmetics from Thailand. CBD-based cosmetics are becoming increasingly popular worldwide, with numerous cosmetic manufacturers entering the market. In Thailand, the legalization of cannabis has prompted major cosmetic companies to join the industry and start selling CBD products. The CBD industry in Thailand is expected to grow to a market size comparable to that of the United States and Europe.

Note: While cosmetics generally do not require FDA approval, it is preferable to use FDA-approved CBD products as the CBD industry is still in its growth phase.

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